Orthodontics invisalign method is a modern alternative to conventional orthodontic braces. Invisible braces "the invisalign method" correct the position of the teeth through removable transparent aligners.

These clear aligners are custom made from a specializedmaterial. Our Invisible orthodontic aligners are made of a medical grade thermoplastic material developed exclusively for the Invisalign System called ClearSmartTrack, this makes them more comfortable than other aligners and easier to remove and put in. They are unbreakable, totally transparent, flexible and hygienic.

Theinvisible brace adapts to your teeth with millimetric precision achieved with the highest and most innovative dental technology.

It is the ideal alternative in adulthood, when wanting to align your teeth.



First, a dental examination is carried out with the dentist specialized in orthodontics, models of your teeth and the necessary photos are taken to be able to study your case, finally a 3D scan is needed to determine if invisible orthodontic treatment is adequate to correct your misalignment.

If all is ok and you decide to start your treatment, your custom aligners will be made and fitted at the clinic.

The aligners are changed every 15 days, this way the teeth are slowly moved into the desired position.

They must be used every day.

They must be removed to eat or drink hot drinks.


The duration of invisible orthodontic treatment depends on the initial positioning of your teeth and the type and degree of misalignment.

Mild cases can be corrected in about 4 months if treatment recommendations are followed.

It is important that you wear the aligner for at least 20 hours daily and not just at night. In a more complex case, significantly more aligners are required to move the teeth to the desired position, and therefore the duration of treatment is longer.

Once your teeth have moved to the desired position and your smile shines, you will need to use a transparent retainer (not included in the price of treatment), to prevent your teeth from returning to their original position.

The price of treatment depends on the complexity of the case. There are different options, and our professionals will be happy to help you choose the right one.

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