What problems can veneers solve ?

  • They can be used to create a whiter shade of teeth that cannot be achieved by whitening.

  • To lengthen worn down and aged short teeth.

  • To improve the appearance of malaligned or croocked teeth, in the space of three weeks with porcelain veneers or in a day with composite.

  • To close diastemas (a space between front teeth)

  • To eliminate the appearance of black triangles as gums recede which can make a smile look aging.



“Porcelain Veneers” are like false fingernails – a small amount of material is taken off the surface of the tooth and a fingernail of ceramic is then fitted over the tooth. Veneers are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, to eliminate the gaps between the teeth or make short teeth longer. Because the ceramic matches the teeth they look completly natural.

One simple veneer will be sufficient to change the colour of a discoloured front tooth but if several teeth are out of line or there is a gap between front teeth, several veneers can also be fitted over the teeth.

They are often used as a rapid alternative instead of moving misaligned or rotated teeth with orthodontic treatments. As we age,tooth whitening may not be sufficient to improve the appearance of yellowing,chipped teeth. Veneers can revitalise the texture,shape and colour of tired looking teeth thus creating a whiter, brighter and younger smile.

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